Unlike wall-mounted or window-based ductless or split AC units, portable air conditioners are easy to move around rooms or houses and you can even store them away when you do not need them.

They are also more effective than the air cooler units which might seem very similar in appearances but are quite different in functionality. Most of the air coolers in India do not operate well in highly humid areas as their main functional system is evaporative. Therefore, areas that experience a high percentage of humidity are ideal for the usage of air conditioners.

Appropriate Size And Properties Of The Room

The first thing that needs to be looked into is the appropriate size of the room which then would decide how much capacity is a must for the portable AC unit. Portable AC units are usually very small in size and do not take much of the floor space but you need to allot a well-calculated position to the machine from where it can even control the temperature. In general-

Capacity of Portable AC Maximum Room Size (Recommended)
0.8 Ton 100 sq. ft.
1 Ton 150 sq. ft.
1.5 Ton 250 sq. ft.
2 Ton 400 sq. ft.

The optimum level of temperature moderation is only possible if the machine is not blocked by any other furniture etc. But it should also have nearby access to a window for the exhaustion system.

Whether it is a self-evaporative or condenser-based or manual drainage portable air conditioner, a proper exhaustion system needs to be set up before the installation of the product to ensure hazard-free, easy operations.

Coming to the cooling capacity of the portable AC units, you must remember the satisfactory performance of the unit depends largely on how big a room it is being used for. BTU( British Thermal Unit) is the global unit to measure up the average cooling capacity of an air conditioner.

The higher number of BTUs in an air conditioner is directly proportional to the bigger size of the room. Generally, a 150 sq ft room needs a unit of more than 5000 BTUs at least. You must decide what room size you are buying the portable AC unit for, before deciding the size and model.

Generally speaking, if you are going for a closed, average bedroom you might do with a single hose (to be discussed afterward) 10000 BTUs unit easily. But if you want to cool a bigger living room, you should go for a higher configuration with a possible double hose system as it would cool a bigger space quickly.


Most portable AC units are still a bit pricey as they are very new in vogue. But considering the number of facilities and attributes, it might be worth it. If you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket with a centrally air-conditioned system, it is wiser to spend after a portable AC unit at a time.

Many well-known brands offer a range of products with multiple features and versatile functions within a budget of 30k-35k. If your requirement is mainly for a compact indoor space, like a bedroom, a single hose unit would be suitable for you and they are really very cost-effective. But if you want a cooling solution for a bigger space, your cost will automatically increase.

Adjustable or programmable thermostats might increase the cost as well, but those things are a must for the tech-savvy generation. Many models nowadays come with different temperature settings like heating or dehumidifying, naturally with a surged price. Just remember, you need to finalize a model based on your specific needs that are both worthy and useful.

Ventilation Process/ Hoses

The most important factor of a portable AC unit is the ventilation process of the machine. Most recognized brands usually offer an exhaustion system with the system itself. It might be called a ‘Window Venting Kit’ as the exhaust pipe is primarily put outside through a window. But if you do not have access to a window, it might just be taken outside through a hole in the wall.

The water exhaustion system can be of three types: Self-evaporative, Condenser based and Manual. The self evaporative system automatically evaporates the hot air bubbles and emits them outside through the exhaust pipe.

Therefore it does not require any manual water drainage and thus saves a lot of energy and time.  Eurgeen 4 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner model uses such a self-evaporative system as a whole, but the dehumidifier mode needs a manual drainage system.

Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC uses a condenser based technology where the accumulated water is stored in a tank, but the assuring part is this model features a ‘Tank Full’ alarm that indicates the time of water removal.

The number of hoses varies from model to model. Single hose exhaust uses the same hose for both intake and exhaust of air in the machine, It is quite efficient and suitable for a closed interior space. It is useful for customers who are looking for a cheaper solution, The double hose AC unit uses two separate hoses for the intake and exhaust of air.

This design not only saves more energy but also cools the room 40% quicker than a single host unit. But the cost of a double hose AC unit might be a bit higher than a single hose unit.

best portable ac features

Other Features

For ease of use, you need to keep an eye out for a number of things.

  • Programmable Thermostat: It can give you the option of choosing the desired temperature level and is also super energy efficient. The thermostat turns off the machine as soon as it reaches the specified temperature.
  • Sleep Timer and Memory Functions: It can retain the desired preset functions and continue managing an optimum temperature level without interruption.
  • Remote Control: The portable machine should have a fully remote-controlled system for comfortable and easy access.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Best models come with an electronic display panel these days, with proper gesture functions and smooth feather touch. The instant mode buttons can take the unit up to a notch.
  • Multiple Modes: Most models come with an AC/Fan swing option. If you are looking for a multiple temperature control system in one single unit, the portable AC/ Heater/ Dehumidifier/ Fan combo might be the best way out for you.

Frequently Asked Questions On Portable AC

Which is the best portable air conditioner in India?

There is no absolute answer to this question. The best kind of portable air conditioner would be the one that satisfies your specific needs, If you are looking for a cheaper appliance with a primary function of cooling, Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC might be the right choice for you.
But if you are looking for a more compact and versatile unit, you can go for the Eurgeen Portable AC model.
Our suggestion would be to consider the factors stated above and then decide on the portable air conditioner that you want to buy.

Does a portable AC unit use a lot of electricity?

It depends on the size and model of the product. The more the features are, the more will be the energy consumption. However, the modern-day portable air conditioners do take electricity consumption into consideration at the time of production.

Are portable air conditioners worth it?

Portable air conditioning units are definitely worth buying if you are unable to go for central cooling or permanent cooling solutions. Most recent models offer a range of temperature solutions such as heating or dehumidifying which makes it even more worthy of buying, With the increasing rate of pollution, a suitable portable AC unit with anti-bacterial filter can function as an air purifier as well, without having to spend on multiple appliances. Overall, portable air conditioners are the new age cooling solutions for the smart gen, urban spaces.

Are portable air conditioners quiet?

Every electrical device with a built-in compressor makes more or less noise. A portable air conditioner is no different. Rather than the wall-mounted split or window AC, the indoor unit of a portable AC is installed away from the wall and closer to the user. This is why you may find it slightly noisy. Although, the intensity of noise depends upon the quality of the product. We have found that portable ACs from reputed brands are less likely to make noise.

How much power does portable air conditioner use?

A typical 1 Ton Portable AC comes with a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU to chill down an area up to 150 sq. ft. The electricity unit is measured by kWh (Kilowatt-hour). When we convert the BTU value to kWh, we find that such an AC consumes 3.51 units of electricity. If the unit cost of electricity is Rs 8, the cost of electricity becomes Rs 28.08/ Day. Please note that electricity consumption can vary day by day according to the need of the users

Are portable air conditioners safe?

Like a normal split or window AC, the portable air conditioners are also safe to operate. However, one needs to be cautious about the tubings and cables connected to the indoor unit of it. As it is separated from the wall, these attachments may lie on the floor that can cause an obstruction in the movement. Therefore, the users need to look up to place these tubings in a safe manner so that operating the AC can be easy and user-friendly.

If you have more queries, please visit this link for more informations.

Last Few Words to Sum Up

In this article, we talked about the kinds of portable AC units available in India and their best features, We also discussed a detailed buying guide for an instant and quick yet thorough understanding of portable air conditioners.

And, if you do not have access to the permanent installation of cooling systems, portable ACs are definitely the thing for you. Check out the complete buying guide below to understand which things to remember or what specifications to look for before buying the appropriate portable air conditioner suitable for your needs.

If you rather want to specifically alter the temperature of a specific small setup within an affordable budget, this might be the ultimate solution for you, It does not require the external hard work of wall mounting or window-based setup, as the unit can be easily driven around with the help of roller/ caster wheels.

Portable air conditioners are just in trend and will definitely take over the market in the coming years. Hope this article fulfills your queries about the best portable AC in India and helps you make a wise choice while buying your own portable air conditioner.

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