Select Best Ac in 7 Steps

Initially, we are well versed in the fact that selecting the right air conditioning unit to cool our homes is crucial if we want a comfortable lifestyle throughout the hot months.

Coming to the selection, most of the ACs may appear to you the same in context with appearance and functions, but there are quite a few variations in terms of characteristics, power, and quality.

By and by, finding a great AC is not a child’s play, mainly because such an appliance costs an extra monthly bill, if not appropriately chosen.

To achieve the benefits you can enjoy, here are some factors which you need to understand so that you can make a wise decision.

Check your pocket

The first and foremost step is to decide your budget.

The given example can understand this point.

Suppose you decide to purchase a 5starAC, it might be not sound pocket friendly to you, but it will help you save more electric power, which is an indirect part of saving.

Moreover, high-cost AC line up with low maintenance costs, So decide your spending by giving proper thoughts to future perks.

Classify the type

You might be known to the fact that there are two types of air conditioners available in Indian markets i.e., split ac and window ac.

No matter how appealing you may find your ac type, keep this in mind that your demands decide which kind if appropriate for you.

If we elaborate, both the types have their pros and cons, so before selecting the model, you should compare that which one suits best for your living, in terms of installation, size, and most importantly, price.

Check your interiors

Thenceforth, it now turns to check your room size.

You must be wondering why it is essential.

First of all, remember that your primary goal is cost-cutting without comprising any factor. So usually, this is done so that we select the correct tonnage limit.

For instance, if you end up buying an ac with high tonnage, you will be burden with paying expensive bills. If you act miser and choose an ac that is of less tonnage limit, you won’t be able to have an experience you hoped for, and this will initially lead in wastage of your capital you invested in first hand.

Prioritize star rating value

You might be aware of how important it is energy-saving nowadays. Similarly, it would help if you assured that your AC is utilizing only the requisite amount of power to generate required cooling. For that, you need to look for a better start rating

Ultimately AC eats up less power when it has a high energy star rating.

So make a point, higher the value of your star rating, lesser the wastage of electricity.

Select a better material for the condenser coil

Initially, there is a requirement for better heat exchange under the coil so that AC can bring out fast and consistent cooling.

Always go for copper material because it has a better conductivity property. Besides that, it has features such as heat transferability, high performance, running cost, and a good lifespan. Moreover, it is also corrosion resistance, easy to maintain, and repairable.

So without a second thought, always go for copper coil type in your AC so that you can enjoy the optimal cooling fulfillment for years.

Choose inverter ac for a better experience.

If we talk about Inverter AC, they have a higher advantage over non-inverter AC. You might find a slight cost variation in them, but you can count on this point that you won’t regret this decision later.

To make it more convincing, here are some points-

  • Provide quick and constant cooling
  • They are comparatively, less noisy.
  • Have a good compressor life
  • Helps in saving high bills

Look for additional features as well.

The main task of ac is to provide a cooling effect; despite this fact, nowadays, ac has come up with many advanced features to provide a better customer experience.

Here are some factors you can look-

  • Noise level control
  • Reducing of undesired cooling inside a room
  • Dehumidify the moisture present in the air
  • Turning on an auto-sleep timer
  • Wi-Fi controlling, that enables you to turn off your AC from any destination

Selecting an effective and efficient Air conditioner might not be a cakewalk, but if you tend to follow the above points, you might not regret your decision afterward.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Inverter Air Conditioners

The Inverter Compressor was first developed by Toshiba, Japan for commercial use with Cooling Appliances like Air Conditioner. While the general types of compressors consume high electricity, the inverter compressors utilize electricity in an optimized way.

Normal inverter compressors always operate at the same speed, whereas, inverter compressors changes speed when the demand fluctuates. It regulates the flow of refrigerant throughout the refrigeration cycle.

Having so many advantages, there are some disadvantages to the inverter air conditioner too. At the end of the article, you will be able to understand the typical pros and cons of inverter compressors clearly.


  • Can an Inverter Air Conditioner help the user?
  • Advantages of Inverter Air Conditioners
  • Drawbacks of Inverter AC
  • Power Consumption Calculator of Inverter AC
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Can An Inverter Air Conditioner Help To Reduce Power Consumption?

An inverter air conditioner works with the help of a cooling substance called refrigerant. The main component of such a cooling system is the compressor. It changes the phase of the refrigerant by compressing it through condenser, evaporator, and throttle valve.

The refrigerant gets heated with a high temperature of the room when it passes through the condenser. After that, the refrigerant is throttled to the evaporator (to the outdoor unit) releasing heat to the outside of the room. This process is called the Refrigeration Cycle.

Instead of the general type of compressor, an inverter air conditioner is built with the inverter compressor. It has some great advantages over the commonly used compressors that can help the user to minimize power consumption in a large extent.

Our Recommendation for Optimum Power Consumption:

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC…

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC…

Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Wide…


Advantages Of Inverter Air Conditioner

  • Inverter air conditioners use electricity in an optimal way. Generally, more the fluctuations in electrical load and higher the working volume of the room lead to frequent operation of the compressor at fast speed. It results in higher electricity consumption. In the case of the inverter air conditioner, the speed of the compressor varies with the working load, minimizing the electricity bill.
  1. Inverter Air Conditioners also work great when there is a fluctuation in the load like marriage hall, indoor events, conference room, large offices.
  2. Using an Inverter air conditioner may help you save the money and the extra expense can be recovered within a few months.
  3. It is suitable for all size of rooms. In a big room, it may consume a bit more electricity compared to a smaller room as electricity consumption depends on the load. Higher the room size more will be the load.
  4. Uniform and constant room temperature can be maintained inside the room if you use an inverter air conditioner.
  5. If you plan to use solar power for cooling, inverter air conditioners are the most popular choice.
  6. It can cool down the room at a much higher rate than non-inverter air conditioners.
  7. In Inverter air conditioners, the noise and vibration are significantly reduced.

Here is a video by LG on the advantages of a twin rotary inverter compressor.

Disadvantages Of Inverter Air Conditioner

  1. The biggest disadvantage of an inverter air conditioner is the high price. The inverter compressor is an advanced type of compressor that has a complex design leading to higher manufacturing costs. Check Price of LG 1.5 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner on Amazon.
  2. Comparatively higher repair and maintenance costs than non-inverter air conditioners.
  3. The effectiveness of cooling may decrease if the outside temperature is too hot, near 46°C.

Power Consumtion Of Air Conditioner

Compare Inverter and Non-inverter AC electricity consumption

Assumptions: cooling capacity of 1 ton= 3.517 kW, ISEER= 4, 60% uptime of compressor

FAQ About Inverter AC

Which is better AC inverter or non inverter?

The Inverter AC is built for lower electricity consumption than the non-inverter air conditioner. Despite of a little higher maintenance cost, it is good to use for all sizes of rooms including the small bedroom to the large halls for events. However, it involves a much higher cost than normal air conditioners. So, if you want to focus on the electricity savings and higher budget, Inverter AC can be a perfect choice for you.

Is inverter AC good for home?

Yes. It is good to use at home. It has higher performance, efficient cooling capacity, faster cooling time. Though the price is on a higher range, the extra cost can be recovered within a few months due to the lower running cost.

Does Inverter AC really save electricity?

Inverter AC saves electricity up to 60% compared to the commonly available AC as some reputed brands claim. Electricity consumption by inverter air conditioners depends on the working load. Higher is the load, more is the cost of electricity. But it does not cost the user unnecessary consumption of electricity.

Is stabiliser required for inverter AC?

Most of the inverter air conditioners are built to perform in a wide range of voltage. Many of the inverter ACs from reputed manufacturers work in a range of 100-290V voltage so that the fluctuation of voltage does not affect the performance. Because of this, no stabilizer is required for inverter AC.