Air coolers have ultimately set off day-to-day needs. To get rid of the scorching heat of the sun, people are using air coolers.

First of all,

Why choose an Air Cooler?

Many people are usually going for air coolers instead of fans and air conditioners. They generally look at the following things while setting out air coolers.

  • Far apart from fans, an air cooler makes the air cooler and then open out all over the area evenly.
  • It consumes electricity way too less and helps to cut down bills.
  • The cooling effect usually lasts long.
  • Air coolers are economical.
  • Both Wet and dry air coolers have independent traits for various purposes.

Furthermore, if you are willing to beat the summer heat, but keeping your pocket limit in mind then, no doubts air coolers will be the best yet practical option for you.

Nowadays, technology has blessed up with some of the most inventive machines that have modified our living styles and made it more comfortable and convenient than ever. In this day and age, there are various kinds of air coolers from different brands at hand such as Symphony, Voltas, Crompton & a lot more.

Crompton ozone 54 L Window Air Cooler

Crompton is now one of the well-known brands which are doing wonders in the Indian market. It is best known for producing high-grade air coolers accompanied by other appliances. Also, Crompton Ozone is another air cooler type on board for the best air coolers in India.

Symphony Diet 35T 35 L Tower Air Cooler

Usually, when we talk about coolers, the most vital factor that we should always be careful about is changing the water on an orderly basis as it might breed mosquitoes.

With this type of cooler, you do not have to dwell on this because it gets equipped with a mosquito net that initially provides more excellent protection against mosquitoes and some other insects that may cause health hazards like dengue and malaria.

Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Co-139 50 L Desert Air Cooler

If we take a look, this cooler is the most desirable against the hot summer and keeps the mosquitoes and other insects to a certain extent. This air cooler can get utilized throughout the year with or without using a fan.

Orient Electric Ultimo CD-5003H 50 L Desert Air Cooler

As we know, Orient products have been pleasing the needs and want of the customers for a long time with their top-class quality of electrical products, which are blindly trusted by most people. This particular kind of more relaxed is a desert air cooler along with a water tank with a capacity of 50 liters. It is highly suitable for extreme weather conditions.

They are handy in a unique color combination; eventually, this air cooler gets equipped with heavy and thick honeycomb pads that help in more cooling and approximately 45% more water withholding.

Bajaj Coolest Frio 23 L Personal Air Cooler

This kind of air cooler comes with a tank holding capacity of 23 liters. They usually come under the category of personal coolers and are most favorable for a small or medium-sized room.

It gets cut out with honeycomb cooling pads on three sides, which can get removed as well. This padding technique upgrades the performance of the cooler. In a line by, this it also consists of castor wheels, which makes it portable.

Bottom line

If you are looking for some alternative which can fulfill your requirement and be pocket friendly at the same time, then you can quickly go for the above suggestions without giving it a second thought.


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